District Jind

District Jind


Jind is a town in Jind District, Haryana state, India. It is one of the oldest districts of Haryana. It is one of the first Sikh Kingdoms. It lies in central Haryana and is the fourth district of Jat belt (i.e Sonipat, Rohtak, Hissar, Jind).City is clean with little or no industrial units. Rani Talab is main tourist place and Pandu-Pidara and Ramrai are the main devotional places attracting devotees for Amaavas bath. 

The town was the centre of the princely state of Jind. The royal family are Sikhs of the Sidhu gotra. 

Jind state was founded by descendants of Phool Haryana under the patronage and protection of the Sikh Guru (Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Rai). Jind was a state of Sikh of Siddhu Jat origin founded by grandson of Chaudhary Phul Singh. Chaudhary Phul Singh had six sons namely, 1.Tiloka 2.Ram Singh 3.Rudh 4.Chunu 5. Jhandu and 6.Takhtmal. Area of the state was 1259 sq mile and annual income of Jind state was Rs 30,00,000/-. 

Claiming descent from Jaisal, founder of the State of Jaisalmer in 1156, the founder of this Sikh dynasty, Phul, was Chaudhri (Governor) of a country located at the south east of Dihli. Phul’s descendants founded 3 States: Patiala, Jind and Nabha. 

Tiloka had two sons namely, 1. Gurudutta 2. Sukh Chain. Sukh Chain's descendants ruled Jind state and Gurudatta's descendants ruled Nabha state. 

According to the World Statesmen website, the princely state of Jind was founded in 1763. Gajpat Singh ruled under the title raja until 1789, then Bhag Singh until 1819, Fateh Singh until 1822, Sangat Singh until 1834. After a vacancy of three years Sarup Singh ruled until 1864, succeeded by Raghubir Singh, who took the title raja-i rajgan in 1881. In 1887 he was succeeded by Ranbir Singh, who became maharaja in 1911 and continued to rule the state until Independence in 1947. The last Ruler of Jind was Col. HH Farzand-i-dilband Rasikh-ul-itikad Daulat-i-inglishia Raja-i-rajgan Maharaja Sir Ranbir Singh Rajendra Bahadur. 

The current prince of the principality of Jind is called Ikwal Samra (12-6-1973), who was trained as an engineer in the United Kingdom