District Rewari

District Rewari


Rewari is a city and a municipal council in Rewari District in the Indian state of Haryana. It is located in southern Haryana around 80 km away from the Indian capital city of New Delhi. 

Rewari is a city of historical importance.Its history can be traced in Hindu epic, Mahabharat. The last Hindu emperor of India, a great warrior 'Hemu Vikramaditya' belonged to Rewari only.He had won 22 battles during 1554-1556 spanning entire north india and was the only Hindu to rule from Delhi during Mediavel period.His coronation had taken place in Purana Kila, Delhi on 6th Oct. 1556. His Haveli in Rewari still stands in Qutabpur area. This city has also produced famous freedom fighters such as Rao Tula Ram. 

Rewari is famous for its metal work, particularly brass work. If anybody needs the best brass work in the world, Rewari is the place for him or her. The main markets of Rewari have shops which sell brass utencils and brass artistic works. Along with Moradabad, Rewari is the brass hub of India. Rewari has kept the art of Tilledar Jutti alive. People from various parts come here to purchase Tilledar Juttis. Rewari also has emerged as a new industrial township. It is the abode of companies like Hero Honda, Sony, YKK, Haryana Suraj Maltings Limited, Exide, TVS, Indian Oil, HPL, various Metal Companies, like Narolac. 

Though all of the Hindu festivals are celebrated here with great enthusiasm, the festival of Teej has a special place in the heart of Rewari citizens. As in the nearby state of Rajasthan, the colourful Teej is witnessed annually in Rewari.NGOs like INTACH (INDIAN NATIONAL TRUST FOR ART AND CULTURAL HERITAGE)are actively involved in conservation of old monuments in the town. 

The history of the district of Rewari is contemporary to the history of Delhi. During the Mahabharata period there was a king named Rewat who had a daughter whose name was Rewati. The king used to call her Rewa lovingly. The king founded and established a city named “Rewa wadi” after the name of her daughter. Later on, when Rewa married Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna, the king donated the city “Rewa wadi”as dowry for her daughter. Later, the city Rewa wadi became REWARI. 

During the mediavel period and rule of Mughals in 1554 a Dhusar Brahman, named 'HEM CHANDRA VIKRAMADITYA', called 'HEMU' in short,a Bhargava of Rewari (whose initial occupation was selling saltpetre /gunpowder) became chief of the army and Prime Minister of Adil Shah of Sur Dynasty.Hemu fought 22 battles for Adil Shah in the two years period which spanned the entire North India. He proved to be the greatest Hindu warrior in the entire history of India.He was almost successful in throwing out Mugals out of India after victories in Agra and Delhi. After centuries of foreign rule over India, Hemu re-established the Hindu Kingdom and Vikramaditya Dynasty on 6th October 1556 in a coronation in PURANA QUILA, which is presently opposite PRAGATI MAIDAN in Delhi. 

During the Mughal period Rewari was part of the Delhi territory. In the Svantrata-Sangram of 1857 Rao Tula Ram & Krishan Gopal of Rewari fought aggressively against the British rule with the help of Samrat Bahadur Shah Zafar, leading a brief movement that brought British rule to an end in Rewari for a time. Rao Tula Ram could not succeed and soon expired. 

The land of Rewari is called Veer-Bhumi, as even today the people of Rewari feel proud to serve in the Indian military.